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House Projects: Entryway

Since we finally have a house of our own, I’m slowly trying to decorate it the way I want it.  I’m trying to go for a minimalist decorating style.  I’m tired of being surrounded by so much stuff.  And, since we have a bigger house to clean, it makes it easier if we have less stuff in the house to be cleaned.

I’m working on the entryway right now… or at least this week.  I’m trying not to get too bogged down in each area of the house, or I’ll neglect everything else and not get anything finished.

Here are some pictures of the entryway from different viewpoints.  I did the “Command Center” area already, and now I’m working on the small table and that wall above it.

My front door also has a small window beside it.  I want to find some small curtain to go there.  That’s project #2!

I asked some people’s opinions about what I should do above the table, and a lot of people seem to think that a mirror would look good there.  I’m going to paint the table first, and then see what kind of mirror I would like to put there.  At least to try it out.  I think that’ll be a good idea!

Project #1

The previous homeowners left a lot of paint here from the different projects they had done around the house.  One of the small walls in the dining room has one wall painted gray.  I’m going to use their leftover paint and do the table the same color.  I tested it by starting inside the drawer, then if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t have anything to cover up!

I liked the way the table turned out.  Now I just have to find the perfect mirror set to go on the wall above it.  But that’s for another time.

It’s October!

I’m trying a new tradition of decorating our dining room table for each month.  I’m not doing much, and mostly using things I have around the house, or things I can get from the Dollar Tree.  Here is what I did for October…

I got the black trees from target.  I already had the glass vases.  I got the rocks, eyeballs, and spiders from the Dollar Tree.  I put them all together on Satuday night so that on October first I could get up earlier than everyone else (like I do anyway), and get the table all ready for them to come in and see it.  I was very pleased with everyone’s reactions.  They all liked it and discussed when they thought I did it (the night before or early in the morning).  Anyway, I like how it turned out.

I also decided to make a dessert for the first day of the month that was themed also.  I let Wesley and Price help me pick it out and they wanted this Chocolate Chip/Riece’s Pieces Cookie with Eyeballs!  It was really yummy and lasted us three days!  I can’t wait for November!  I’m looking for ideas now for my table and the dessert!

Our New Command Center

I’ve always wanted a centralized location in our house for our schedule, mail, and anything I want to be organized together.  I’ve never had this before, and we’ve just stuck things up on the refrigerator.  But no longer…  As soon as we moved in this house, I picked the spot I thought would be perfect for the “Command Center”.   We just picked a size that we liked because I knew I wanted to pocket folders to hold our mail and then some clipboards to hold schedules and stuff, so we taped it off so I could paint.

After a shopping trip, we decided to buy two plain clipboards and spray paint since I couldn’t find anything in the color I wanted.  I also found a picture frame in almost the exact size that we had taped off, so I grabbed that and the pocket folders I wanted for the wall.

Chyna and I wrapped the clipboards with random pieces of tape and spray painted them.  I LOVE them, and really hated to cover them with paper when they were done.

I painted the wall black.  I was so scared about the first bit of paint to be put on the walls in our new house being black, but I knew the look I wanted, so I just went for it!  It took two coats, but it turned out great!

I took the glass and everything out of the wood frame and after much leveling and measuring, Ron hung it on the wall for me.

Then it was just a matter of placing the things I wanted in the command center.  We used those 3M Velcro-like sticky backs to put everything on the wall.  I could not love it more!  My first decorating project in my house turned out to be successful!!  Now, what’s next?

Oh… I got a fall centerpiece and runner for my dining room table.  I LOVE how it turned out also!