It’s January!! It’s 2018!!

I didn’t do my January decorations on the first day of the month like I usually do.  I decided to wait until we took down the Christmas decorations, and that happened on the 2nd of January.  So that’s when I started decorating.  Usually, I already have an idea in my head of what I want to do for the entryway table and the dining table.  Today I didn’t have an idea at all.  I had picked up some snowy looking decorations from the Dollar Tree, but I haven’t gotten the big thing that’s going to go in the center of the dining table and I haven’t decided what’s going on the small table.  Part of decorating the entryway is adding something on the right side of the wall, and I haven’t picked that out either.  So we are going to go to Target today to take Chyna to work and look around for something there.

We made chocolate/white chocolate/sprinkle covered popcorn, and sugar cookie mix with white chocolate and


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