As you may know, I’ve been reading children’s fiction books from our library on base.  The section is specifically called Juvenile Fiction.  This doesn’t include board books, but it includes everything from early readers to young adult books.  I gave myself the challenge of reading every book in the juvenile fiction section before we move from South Dakota.  This challenge has been great because I’ve been introduced to books and authors I didn’t know before.  It has also made me wonder what else I could do in addition to just reading the books.  I decided that I would write reviews of each one and maybe someone who is looking for books to read with their early readers or books for their middle schoolers to read could look at my reviews and get some questions answered about whether it would be good or not.  This worked for a while, and I read nearly 50 books and did reviews of them.  They are on this blog in separate posts, but I’m working on giving them their own pages so it’ll be easier for people to navigate the website.   In addition to the book reviews, I’m going to be making what I’m calling Book-Alongs.  They will be ebooks that have activities for children to do as they read the book (or when they finish if the books is short).  I’m not going to go back and do it for books I’ve already read, so I’ll just start it with the book I’m currently reading and go from there.  I hope that you find these ebooks and activities useful and that your children find a love of reading and a deeper connection to the books they love.  Happy Reading!!


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