Chyna is 19!!!

Chyna had never been to a Japanese Steak House, so we went to one for her birthday dinner.

She got lots of gifts this year… a lot from family back in Arkansas (they let her open her gifts early)

And some from us (we made her wait to open them on her birthday, and we got her more than socks, but we didn’t get any pictures of her opening them!)  🙂

I am so proud of her initiative and the way she is always willing to help others when they need it.  She is almost halfway done with her vet assistant program that she paid for in full with her own money (#debtfreecollege), in addition to working 40 hours a week at Target/Starbucks.  She never complains about her work (unless she’s opening the week before Christmas at 6 am!)  😉

But what I love most is how much she’s added to our family.  I knew God wasn’t done growing us, and the last two and a half years with her has just shown us how faithful God is with his promises and how much better my life is for having her in it.  I love you, Orvis Bartholomew!!!

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