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Ipsy Bag Review – April 2017

Ipsy is a monthly subscription makeup bag that comes with five sample size products and other beauty products for $10 a month with free shipping.

This month’s Ipsy Glam bag was a red-orange ticket!


The first item that I received in my glam bag was the MicBeauty Highlighting Powder in Shade #3. This highlight was a perfect shade for my skin tone and was very pigmented.


The second item that I received was the Glamour Dolls Lisa Frank Angle Blush Brush. This brush was very soft, but I didn’t really like it. I felt like it didn’t pick up the product very well.


The third product that I received was the Hanalei Aloe soothing Gel. This smelled amazing, and was very refreshing. It was kind of sticky when I was first putting in on, but once you rub the product in it leaves your face smooth and refreshed.


The fourth product was the Ciate London Mini Bamboo Bronzer in Star island. This bronzer was very pigmented. It was the perfect shade for me and was a very warm color.


The fifth and final product that was in my glam bag this month was the Hey Honey Besame Mucho. This lip balm was by far my favorite thing that I received. It smelled amazing and was very hydrating.


Out of all of the products that I recieved this month in my glam bag the only thing that I wouldn’t buy was the Glamour Dolls Blush Brush.


— Chyna

Thirteen Reasons Why… NOT!

{Spoiler Alert}  If you haven’t seen the TV show or haven’t read the book, this review will spoil it for you.  Be Aware!!

Thirteen Reasons Why started off as a really good show, until Clay started to really get into the tapes.  The first few tapes weren’t that bad, and they were the typical teenage problems.  Once you get deeper into the show the tapes get darker and become more graphic.

I thought the last two episodes were very graphic and could be very triggering for people with a past of sexual assault, self harm, or suicidal thoughts.  There were multiple times when I had to look away and couldn’t watch anymore because of the graphic scenes.

  1. When Clay was at the basketball game and the has a hallucination of Hanna in the middle of the basketball court with both of her wrist slit.
  2. The first rape scene. You watch Hanna’s friend get raped by her boyfriend’s best friend.
  3. When clay pulls up one of his old friends sleeve revealing self harm scars and cuts.
  4. The second rape scene where you watch as Hanna gets raped by the same person that raped her friend.
  5. You listen, in great detail, of how Hanna killed herself.  You watch as she prepares to kill herself, and then you watch her kill herself.  After you have watched all of that, you watch as her parents find her and try to save her.

Through the entire show everyone says that Hanna is selfish for killing herself and that she did it for attention.  They never talk about other options and ways to get help with mental illness.  The only time they mentioned talking to someone was at the very end when Hanna “gives life one more chance” and the counselor basically just brushes her off.  I’m glad that the show is about mental illness and suicide, but I just wish that they would have portrayed everything a little better.  I would not recommend that anyone watch this show.

— Chyna