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Whole30 Prep… Here we go again!

So for the last two years, we have done the Whole30 during the month of January.  Last year was so hard because there aren’t a lot of stores in Spain that sell things that are whole 30 compliant.  If you don’t know what The Whole30 is… just go to their website and check it out.  They will be able to explain it better than me.  My basic explanation is that it is an elimination diet.

Anyway, we have the main Whole30 book about food, and we have two cookbooks.  Then there is Pinterest that always provides lots of recipe options.  Ron, Chyna, and I do the complete program.  The boys have to eat dinner with us, so they are Whole30 compliant with us for that meal, but they don’t do the complete program.

Breakfast Ideas:

Eggs and Bell Peppers/Sweet potatoes/ or whatever veggie I feel like cooking
Frittata (they have a lot of variety of these)


We bake a lot of chicken breasts each weekend so that we can just quickly eat one for lunch on the go, or what I usually do is cut up apple, pickle, and boiled egg and make chicken salad.  We use the recipe in the whole30 cookbook for our own mayonnaise, and I love it.  I eat a lot of chicken salad or deviled eggs using our homemade mayo.


We try to do a different dinner every night, but I really don’t like to cook, so we do whatever is easy and can be done usually on one baking sheet or in a skillet.


We don’t really do snacks on the Whole30, but because I don’t have a gallbladder, I need to eat more often than they recommend if you have a gallbladder.  Anyway, I usually have some raw almonds on hand, a boiled egg, or just any kind of protein for my snacks

Stay tuned for some recipes from our Whole30 experience…