About Us

Our Military Moments is a blog about our experiences in the US Military.  Living, loving, and laughing through it all.

Meet the Family:

Ron is a chaplain in the US Air Force!  He likes reading and running.

Amanda is a homeschooling, stay-at-home-mom who loves to read, write, and take every self-assessment available!  She’s had a personal blog before, so if you want more info about her, check it out here!!
Her personality assessment on 16personalities.com  is here.  Her habit tendency is REBEL.
Personal Motto:  You can never have too many children!

Chyna joined the family in 2015.  She graduated high school in 2017 and is currently enrolled in an online Vet Assistant program.  She is in charge of all of our social media accounts for the youtube channel.
Personal Motto: But first, Coffee!

Price is 13 and loves nothing more than playing video games.  So he’s planning a segment called “Playing with Price”.

Wesley is 10 years old and loves watching youtube more than anything else.  He is a fount of useless information.  He will be chiming in from time to time around here.

Stay with us all as we move around the world in the military and add more members to our family through adoption.  That journey will begin soon.