Chapel Weekend

Last weekend we attended a Care for the Caregiver weekend.  The chapel staff and their families were invited to Keystone, SD (about 30 mins from home) for Friday and Saturday.  We arrived Friday afternoon (the chapel staff had been there for their workday), and the first thing we did was have family pictures taken.  We were dressed up and posed by some very energetic and professional people.  The boys LOVED their suits and both asked if they could get some like that to wear whenever they want.  WHA?  They both promise that if I get them a suit to wear Easter Sunday to church that they will wear it… we will see if that happens or not!

We then went to dinner with the entire chapel staff and families who were there, and then to our hotel.  The boys loved the animals in the hotel, and we all loved the soft beds!

On Saturday we had a great breakfast at our hotel and then made our way to Hill City, SD for a ride on the 1880 Train.  We rode the train to Keystone and then back to Hill City.  The information they gave while we road the train was great for my history-loving self, but the leaves changing colors were the best part of the ride for all of us.

Overall, it was a great weekend and I’m glad we were able to all experience it together!

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