Chaplain Moments: Difficult Challenges

I had a difficult time with what this week’s Chaplain Moment would be.  It was a difficult week for my squadron.  I won’t be going into it at all but since this is written primarily for the Airmen of my squadron it would be disingenuous to ignore it completely.  

It brought to mind the lyrics of a country song by Rodney Atkins:

Well you know those times
When you feel like there’s a sign there on your back
Says I don’t mind if ya kick me
Seems like everybody has
Things go from bad to worse
You’d think they can’t get worse than that
And then they do

Now, I am not saying things will get worse when you are in a tough situation but it does sometimes feel like we have been blindsided.  When that happens it usually will take some time to find our rhythm but we do that by getting back on the bull, so to speak.  

Which brings me to the chorus of the song:

If you’re going through hell
Keep on going, don’t slow down
If you’re scared, don’t show it
You might get out
Before the devil even knows you’re there

When we find ourselves in these situation the way out is to keep pushing to be our best in all areas, to encourage one another, and make sure that we stay connected and engaged with one another.  Nothing about our mission has changed.  We still have a job to do.  

Here is a challenging thought:  One of the hardest decisions you’ll ever face is choosing to walk away or try harder.  Let’s continue to try harder and make Team Morón the best it can be.

Allow me to leave you with this prayer:

“May we have strength to walk difficult paths, compassion to assist those who stumble, wisdom to make the right decisions, and certainty that we do not walk the path alone.

“Ch Taser”

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