Chaplain’s Moment: Go Together!

As the military moves into its heavy PCS (permanent change of station) season, particularly ours, I begin to feel a certain kinship with those who have weathered the storm with me.  The great thing about a place like Morón, a remote assignment of either 15 or 24 months, is that you get to know the people you are stationed with in ways that you don’t normally do so.  It is unavoidable because “we are all we got”.  

We see each other’s everything, warts and all.  And there is good in that, allowing us to bond and connect in ways that don’t happen at a larger installation.  But there is also some bad because there is no “off” time.  There is really no place to go where you can escape from someone you either work for or works for you or see you as a peer.  

In many ways, especially for leaders, you must always be “on”.  No matter where you go there are eyes on you and after two years people have seen you at your best and at your worst.  What I don’t want to miss in that and what I don’t want you to miss is how special that is and how much of a difference that can make in what we can do.

My good friend Dave shared an African proverb with me that really struck a chord: “If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”  You may be quicker and more efficient doing things on your own but you accomplish far more when you work as a part of a team, as a part of a family.  The proverb, of course, is about running.  Running with a partner or group helps you to go farther because they are there to encourage and push you to do better.  

I leave you with this quote by writer and runner Kristin Armstrong: “There is something sacred…about friendships forged through the miles.  We see the depths of each other–the pain, the sweat, the commitment, the frailty, the strength, and the courage.”  The “miles” spent to together as Team Morón are not easy but they are forging relationships stronger than you could ever imagine.

—— Chaplain Taser

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