It’s December!!!

We started decorating for December as soon as Thanksgiving was over!  I let Wesley have complete control over the kitchen table, and he did a great job!  I love it!

I did the entryway in kind of a mixed genre, I guess.  I didn’t really have a theme in mind, and the nativity set we always use had to be added to the table.  Then I really wanted to do the whole red and green theme this year as well because Michael’s had this cute box and cute decorations.  I love the Christmas quote and I really like the way it ended up.  The big pinecone is the one I found on the beach at Lake Tahoe.  It was weird to see a pinecone on a beach, so I had to bring it home.  It still has some sand in it from Lake Tahoe.

Goodbye November!!

Hello December!!!


So, let’s get ready for a great December!!  Merry Christmas!!


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