Our New Command Center

I’ve always wanted a centralized location in our house for our schedule, mail, and anything I want to be organized together.  I’ve never had this before, and we’ve just stuck things up on the refrigerator.  But no longer…  As soon as we moved in this house, I picked the spot I thought would be perfect for the “Command Center”.   We just picked a size that we liked because I knew I wanted to pocket folders to hold our mail and then some clipboards to hold schedules and stuff, so we taped it off so I could paint.

After a shopping trip, we decided to buy two plain clipboards and spray paint since I couldn’t find anything in the color I wanted.  I also found a picture frame in almost the exact size that we had taped off, so I grabbed that and the pocket folders I wanted for the wall.

Chyna and I wrapped the clipboards with random pieces of tape and spray painted them.  I LOVE them, and really hated to cover them with paper when they were done.

I painted the wall black.  I was so scared about the first bit of paint to be put on the walls in our new house being black, but I knew the look I wanted, so I just went for it!  It took two coats, but it turned out great!

I took the glass and everything out of the wood frame and after much leveling and measuring, Ron hung it on the wall for me.

Then it was just a matter of placing the things I wanted in the command center.  We used those 3M Velcro-like sticky backs to put everything on the wall.  I could not love it more!  My first decorating project in my house turned out to be successful!!  Now, what’s next?

Oh… I got a fall centerpiece and runner for my dining room table.  I LOVE how it turned out also!

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