November 2017 – Recap

November weather here in South Dakota has been very mild, and we’ve had a lot of warm days.  We tried to take advantage of the weather and go hiking as much as possible.  November has been great… full of making memories and hanging out together as much as possible.



Ron had to pause jujitsu this month because he had a few procedures done on his back and chest.  He also registered for an online class he’ll have to take while he’s deployed next year.   We also have 3 people having babies at the chapel over the next few months, so we had a giant baby shower at the wing chaplain’s house.  We all had a great time celebrating the new babies!


I spent most of November practicing…  Practicing drawing/sketching and watching a lot of videos about my new bullet journal.  I’ve been loving all of the creative outlets that I’ve been doing this month.  Also, I’m officially trained as a d-group leader.  If you need a bible study and can’t find one, go here and read about the new study happening in January, or email me and I’ll give you all the info you want.  It’s a nation-wide bible based study program, and I love it.  My personal email is or the email for this website is  Either of those will work to get in touch with me.


Chyna is still working at Target/Starbucks.  She has recently been training some new employess, and while Thanksgiving and Black Friday were both busy for her, she is doing a great job with work and school.  She can’t seem to pass by a piece of dog clothing without getting it for Jango!  They are so cute!!  She has completed another session at Animal Behavior College, and her grades are wonderful.   We are so proud of her. Chyna has been hiking with me everyday she is off and the weather is warm enough to go out.  We had a great time at Mt. Rushmore right before Thanksgiving and found a very cool place right here in the city.  We’ve had a lot of great times this month.



Price spent most of this month stealing my phone and taking pictures!  🙂  He is still loving the tumbling class at gymnastics, and he recently finished another merit badge in scouts.  He is about to start a new youth group at the chapel, and I’m excited to see where these coming months will take him.  He is binge watching lots of TV shows and I’m loving hearing about them and watching some of them again through his eyes.  I love that he’s loving Friends… one of my most favorites!


Wesley began the month by lighting candles at the chapel in a ceremony to remember those who have passed away in the last year.  This candle was special to all of us because it was for Mr. Ronnie.  Ron’s dad passed away this summer, and we miss him so much.  Wesley also loves snapchat, and did such a good job of helping with all of the Christmas decorations.  He is always willing to jump in and help!


Overall, November was a great month and I can’t wait for December… bring on Christmas!!

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