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The boys and I have been watching a lot of youtube videos.  They watch more than me, but I recently started trying to watch their favorites so we could discuss them together.  They seem to really like the videos where people play games and video themselves playing.  At first, this seemed weird to me, but as Price pointed out, the people who are really good at making the viewer feel like they’re part of the story are the best ones to watch, and the ones with the most followers on youtube.

Anyway, this got us thinking about them making videos of us playing games.  I wanted to get in on the action, so I started looking at software to record the computer screen while you play.  We have finally figured out how to record the xbox one while they play, so we should have some videos posted really soon.

Wesley wants to build things on minecraft and video himself building them so others can make the things he builds.  He’s great at it, and very fast… we just have to record him doing it and figure out the editing so we can post it.

Price wants to do all kinds of games and make videos of himself playing those.

I decided to get in on the action and play the one game I actually have played before.  The Sims… they are on the 4th version of this game, and I’ve played every version they’ve released since Price was a baby.  I don’t get to play very often anymore, and I actually have relegated all of my playing to the weekends when I have time.  So my plan is to play The Sims 4 and record myself playing.  I tried a little this weekend and have one video that I like and is ready to go.  I’m not going to be loading that video just yet, as I want to have enough that I can release one a week and not miss any weeks.  So I will probably release the first one in a few more weeks.  So far, this process has been free, but the software I’m using to edit the videos is super easy, but only a trial version.  Apparently there will be a watermark on it when I finally publish it, but that’ll be okay for the first few videos.  I’m still not sure that I want to spend the money on the software for something that is just going to be a hobby.  We will see what I decide.

Anyway, stay tuned here for our youtube videos to be shared and then you can follow the link from here and like our videos and subscribe to our channels (if you subscribe, you will get a notification every time a new video is loaded).  If you don’t play The Sims 4, you might not like the first few videos where I’m creating the character and moving her into her apartment, but after that, it will hopefully be like a reality show! 🙂  Only not real reality 🙂

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